About Gainesville Ballet Theatre


"Every child who studies dance has the right to be trained slowly, carefully and correctly." ~ Joni Messler

Joni Messler Studio of Dance is the official School of the Gainesville Ballet Theatre.

JMSD trains young dancers the art of ballet and ensures each trainee receives the finest instruction in technique. The School maintains a commitment to offer children and adults of all ages a variety of dance courses designed to provide physical and aesthetic benefits unmatched by and other athletic endeavor. In keeping high standards and growth as priorities, the School’s goal is to continue to provide personal attention and training our students are accustomed to receiving.


•  Ballet Creative Movement - Ages 2 1/2 -5
•  Primary Ballet - Ages 5-6
•  Ballet -Ages 7 to Adult (Beginner to Advanced)
•  Pointe -(Beginner to Advanced)
•  Jazz Dance -(Beginner to Advanced)
•  Tap -(Beginner to Advanced)
•  Modern -Ages 12 - Adult
•  Adult Division

Annual Recital

Summer Program

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